Monday, October 26, 2009

Act Three Renovation Project 2009-2010

Phase 1: Refinish Interior Doors and Bunk Drawers. This boat has nine built-in cabinets and lockers and two large under-bunk drawers. The cabinet doors are made of approximately 5/8" thick Philippine mahogany, framing center panels that are covered with a textured wallpaper of some kind. The drawer fronts are made of the same mahogany. Silverton applied a stain or varnish of some kind when the boat was built and over the last 29 years, the finish had darkened as shown on the door on the right in the photo.

All the doors and drawers were removed and taken home where they were sanded to bare wood. The center panels on each door were cleaned and prepared for painting. The hinges were also removed, sanded and sprayed with two coats of black paint.

The plastic latch assemblies were removed and four were found to need replacement. Surprisingly, they turned out to be a common RV part and are still manufactured today, so we were able to order four new ones.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Who we are

We're Bill and Frances, two people who love boats and boating. We live in Connecticut and keep our boat in Norwich at the Marina at American Wharf.

The boat we will take to Norwich next spring is the boat shown above. That's the "new boat." Our old boat - a 1967 Chris Craft 32-ft Sea Skiff named "Mad Dog" - was our good friend for almost 14 years. "Mad Dog" is shown in the bottom photo. We still miss her but she was sold to someone who will take good care of her.

We decided to search for another boat that wouldn't require quite as much work as our wood boat did. After looking at many boats over the winter, we bought an old - but nice - Silverton 34 ft. convertible. Her new name is ACT THREE and she is shown in the top photo.

We know, ACT THREE needs some cosmetic work but that's the fun part.

We always take lots of pictures and we'll post them here as time goes by. We hope you will comment and enjoy this next boating adventure.