Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Back to Norwich for the summer

Despite the inconsistent weather, we had the boat ready for its scheduled launch date and this year, they hit it right on the head. Despite that, we had to wait a few extra days to let the storm and rain debris clear somewhat and on May 14, we went down river.

 As soon as we left the dock in Portland, we encountered our first log. It was one of many that day

Despite the cold conditions, once in the Sound the wind was behind us and the water smooth. We ran at almost 17 miles per hour and we at New London in what seems like no time.  We know. Seventeen miles an hour is nothing to most of our boating friends but it's pretty speedy for us.

The docks at Portland Riverside are better but still a little shaky for Frances and while she is much better, she was a little unsure about getting on the boat, so Bill took that 62-mile trip alone.

No problems and the boat ran perfectly although it was cold and Bill wore a heavy winter ski jacket for almost the entire way.

 Once we got to Old Saybrook, the weather and the sea state looked a lot better

 As Bill attempted to back into our slip in Norwich, there was Frances waiting.

"Attempting" to back in is pretty accurate. The wind and tide were running and it did take a number of tries to get the bat secured. Frances remembers six attempts; Bill can't believe that he was so inept. He does remembers finally making a good approach on his third attempt only find that he was almost in Lou and Jane's slip next to ours. Oh well, there's nothing wrong with being close. Eventually, we made it.

Now we have to do the annual boat cleaning but if the weather is nice, that will be just fine.

Looking forward to a great summer with all  of our boat buddies.

Here's some video from the helm of the trip: