Monday, August 4, 2014

Rainy weekend at the marina

Well, all summer weekends can't be great weather and this one was just proof of that. Our planned cruise down the Thames to check out our new carb didn't seem like a really good, dry idea. It rained a couple of times on Saturday and we spent the day puttering around the boat.

We also bought some local corn and tomatoes and on Saturday evening, fired up our electric grill. The menu was to be roasted corn and burgers stuffed with cheese. After a great deal of discussion, we decided to wrap the corn in aluminum foil. Frances wanted to roast the corn with the husks on but she was convinced, eventually, to try the foil. What a great dinner that was!  The burgers were a bit rare but the corn was perfect. We think the smell of the burgers cooking and our appetites made us take the burgers off just a little too soon, but they were still fine.

On Sunday morning, it was raining again. But, we've been through this before and for us on any Sunday morning when we're on the boat, a great breakfast and the Sunday New York Times make it a great day.

One side note that we always laugh about. The Sunday New York Times costs $6.00 outside of New York City. It says so, right on page one, but we've found a Norwich convenience store where they charge only $5.00. Each Sunday when we are at our marina, Bill picks up one of the two copies of the Times this convenience store has. The teenager behind the counter looks at the old sucker who pays so much for a newspaper and always sneers, "Five bucks." He usually has to look up from his phone to say it.

Well, the "old sucker" has saved about $10.00 so far this season buying The Times and getting a dollar discount from some kid who has probably never read a newspaper is really a forbidden pleasure. Hey, we tried pointing out the price difference once but he had no interest.

Even if it's raining, our boat is comfortable. While we finish the last few sections of The Times, CBS "Sunday Morning" is good watching. We understand (from The Times) that bow ties are in. Maybe Bill should buy a couple and try them at business meetings. Charles Osgood looks pretty good wearing his.

Eventually, we had to go outside and clean our electric grill. Frances found out that pouring hot water (from our new water heater) flushed the grease out very thoroughly.

As the rain started again on Sunday, Pooka, the boat cat, looked out a little wistfully. No problem, Pooka. There is still a lot of summer left and we're going places!

Just 60 seconds of video of our marina in the rain. Skip it if you've been here before. All marinas look a little sad in the rain.

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